George Blair IV headshotGeorge Blair IV was born in New Haven, CT; moved to NJ, and now resides in California. He has a cat named Samuel, uses an iPhone, prefers Google Chrome as a browser, thinks Spotify is better than Apple Music, watches Netflix and Hulu and Prime all equally, and likes the color blue the best.

His first experience with the internet occurred in the dial-up days of 1996, and he has closely seen the web flow and ebb ever since, having been an early adopter of website creation and ecommerce.

In 2002, he joined forces with the web development and internet team that is now known as Jeweler Webites Inc. George helped re-focus and re-brand the business to serve the progressive jewelry designer, retail store, and manufacturer industries. Since then, our company has been a foreparent in internet technology and advancements, correctly predicting mobile rise, QR codes in advertising, and increased ecomm dependency.

George has appeared at multiple tradeshows across the country, created and edited multiple presentations with the company, and co-hosted a national convention event with his business partner Matthew Perosi. He also has written thousands of pages of content for clients.
Fascinated with the sociological whys and hows of internet use, George prides himself at boiling down the grand assumptions and generalizations that plague marketing, particularly when it comes to the implied disdain many industries have for the millennial market, and beyond.

George uses social media in daily—minute to minute—life because that is how one stays in touch with friends, family, and clients.

Pulling no punches, George will tell you exactly what works and what doesn’t, and is on the side of the user. He knows what you should consider, why the psychology of those decisions matter, and how to properly invite and welcome your audience with the simple mindset that everyone wants to feel wanted.

It is because of his strong stance of the motivation of internet users that he has been interviewed and asked for data analysis from MJSA, IJO, and publications found in JCK Magazine, The Centurion, The Retailer Jeweler, and Rapaport Diamond Report.