Basic Website Features

Basic Website Features

Unlimited Pages

Every website has the basic pages like About Us, Services, and Staff. Beyond that, you can add as many pages as needed for other topics or specific reason like landing pages, squeeze pages, or other marketing pages.

Photo Gallery

Create an unlimited number of photo gallery pages with unlimited number of photos. This feature is a great way to document special events that take place in your jewelry store.


If you truly want to tap into today's global economy, you should consider duplicating your website content into other languages. Want to appeal more to the local population who may speak English as a second language? Then this feature is for you.

Store Hours

This is one of the most popular pages on a website for retail stores. Keep your hours up to date with our unique Store Hours module which allows you to set default hours while also presetting your vacation days or extended hours for an entire year.

Image Resizing & Hosting

Upload and resize all images used as content, in the product catalog, photo galleries, and in your theme. Swap out logos and hero images any time. Host all your images right on your website to boost your SEO instead of a random CDN.

PDF Hosting

Need to give your customers downloadable and printable documents? You can host them right on your website. You can even assign specific PDFs, like appraisal or insurance documents, to specific customers that they can access in their online account.

Mobile, Desktop, Tablet Content

You no longer have to worry how your content gets resized and improperly squashed because of a Responsive Design because your new site will use Dynamic Serving in order to achieve good mobile design practices. You can use one set of content for all 3 device types or fine tune individual part of your page content to better make sense for each device. This is the quintessential feature which sets GlitterPaw apart from any other jewelry website design system you might be looking at.

Ecommerce Website Features

Ecommerce Website Features

Your Own Inventory

Retail stores should concentrate on selling their own in-stock inventory to give local customers a reason to visit your store. Showing actual inventory has a good chance to lead to a sale. Why waste your money with cloud based inventory that looks exactly the same as other jewelers?

Product Categories

Create an unlimited number of organized product categories that make sense for your jewelry ecommerce navigation.

Related Products

Selling a matching suite of jewelry? Link the SKUs for the ring, earrings, bracelet, and the pendant together so customers can discover them faster on your website. Generate even more interest by showing similar products grouped together without having to make multiple items "one product."

Sale Items

Schedule your items to go on sale on a specific day then return back to regular price after the sale is over. You can also set future dates when inventory will appear on your website.

Product Reviews

Allow your customers to document their own experience after they purchase one of your items. This user generated content helps legitimize your products to new potential buyers.

Gift Cards

Create gift cards with set amounts or use this feature as a promotional discount code. You can even sell gift cards right from your website. Checkout

Connect your website to your own merchant account using the ubiquitous online payment gateway. Keep in mind that your bank will ask you to do routine security testing of your website when you use this gateway method. Testing is performed daily by a 3rd party security company.

PayPal Checkout

PayPal makes it easy to accept payments. With PayPal, your customers don't need a PayPal account and the security concerns of processing payment cards directly through your site are alleviated.

Buy Now Buttons

Looking to sell a small inventory of items that you restock all the time? It's probably easier to set up individual PayPal Buynow buttons instead of worrying about a full shopping cart.

Shipping Options

You can connect your UPS account directly to your ecommerce website to show actual shipping costs. Alternatively, many jewelers rely on their jewelry block insurance and prefer to ship through the Post Office or flat rate FedEx. A simple shipping table can be set up for flat rate shipping based on price or boxed weight.

Inventory Management Features

Inventory Management

Jewelry Specific

GlitterPaw was designed for jewelry ecommerce websites. With more than 150 unique fields of jewelry information your website users can perform granular searches for exactly what they are looking for.

9 Product Photos

Descriptions are good, but it's the jewelry photography that's really going to sell it. You can add up to 9 photos per item. Each photo can have it's own caption to help with SEO and ADA compliance. Check out our jewelry photography course if you struggle with your photos.

Amazon Import/Export

Managing an Amazon seller account with your in-house inventory program? You can upload your Amazon formatted CSV right to your website every time you upload it to Amazon. Use the website as your inventory management and export the Amazon file, too.

Upload Inventory from Your POS

If your POS can export a CSV file then it can be uploaded to your website on a regular basis. If you're using the EDGE POS then you can upload directly from the EDGE every night. You'll need the EDGE TPW module for it to work. You can also use GlitterPaw's own built-in POS that allows for 100% connectivity between your retail store and your website.

Content Management Features

Content Management


The more information you add to your site, the better chances you'll have to appear in search results. Features include publishing at a future date, self-contained image library, SEO settings,, Open Graph, Meta Tags. You can also limit readership to blogs based on customer membership (User Account) permissions.


Email newsletters are a great way to get people back to your website. When you spend lots of time preparing your newsletters it's a shame not to archive them on your website for SEO purposes. You can also build the newsletter on your site and share it directly using the built in URL and UTM builder for social networks.

Timed Content

Ability to manage any content on your site to appear or disappear on specific days. This publish/unpublish content feature is great for having event announcements disappear from your website. You can also use it to plan out a complete holiday content and design overhaul months in advance that can be activated on a specific day.

Website Management Features

Website Management

Employee Access

Assign each employee their own username and ability to log into the administrative area of the site. Employees who are logged in will not be tracked by Google Analytics or by the built-in analytics.

Employee Permissions

Owners of the website are designated as superusers with access to every feature. Manager and employee level permissions can be set to limit access to any screen of the backend area of the site.

Preview & Publish

Need to review content for accuracy before it is published? Activate this feature to give content managers the ability to publish content entered by the rest of the staff.

Built-in Analytics

The built in analytic show you the popular pages, products, and product categories on your website. You can also view the most popular times of the day when visitors are online as well as IP addresses of visitors. You'll need to tie in Google Analytics to get full tracking of your users and the ability to uncover their first point of contact as well as know when an online customer makes a purchase in your store.

Page Layouts

Looking for flexible page layouts? There are more than 150 different unique-purpose webpage layouts built-in which go far beyond the typical responsive flexible grid that other jewelry website designers are always bragging about. Customize forms, landing pages, FAQs, with tried and true layouts used on hundreds of jewelry websites.

Search Engine Optimization Features

Search Engine Optimization / SEO

Meta Tags

Edit your Meta Description, Page Title, Keywords, and Robots tags for every page of your website. You can also leave them blank and let the software fill them in with scraped information from the page. There's also a freeform meta field so you can add you own extra tags to any page of the site.

Google Specific Tags

Want to gain some extra control over how Google reads your site? Take advantage of the Googlebot tag, the Verify tag, and even the SafeSearch setting. Google Optimize code can also be applied to any page on the site.

Open Graph Tags

Open graph tags are automated on every page of the website. The "og:" tags will be generated based on the meta tag information that you enter. Product information, images, authors, and a lot more are generated for you based on the meta information you enter. OG tags help with social sharing.

This built-in feature helps Google understand the content on your website. You site automatically has the schema to designate your company and website. Your product catalog will automatically have schema for product details and product reviews. Page breadcrumbs, blogs, testimonials, and articles are all assigned appropriate schema tags.

301/302 Redirects

You'll have no problem rebuilding your website in GlitterPaw with the 301 module. You can redirect all your old URLs to their designated new URLs. This feature is also handy for vanity marketing URL redirects. Temporary 302 redirects are easy to assign on a per page basis when you need to surface special events or emergency store closings.


You have direct control over which content pages will appear on your sitemap page on on the XML sitemap you create for Google. The XML sitemap can be generated automatically or by any admin of the website. Content pages, blogs, newsletters, products, and every other page of the site will appear on the sitemap.

SEO Manager Tool

Single screen that allows you to see all your SEO settings for the entire site. Use it to see what pages are using the automated meta tag feature so you can edit them yourself. You can also see the last time your SEO settings were updated. It also ties into SEMRush to measure the effectiveness of the keywords you've chosen for every page. If you're a fan of Yoast then you'll love this tool.

Product SEO

GlitterPaw will use a predetermined format to assist the SEO of every product on your site, but you can also individually adjust the Page Title, image names, and Meta Description of every item. Open Graph tags are generated for all the images you add to the catalog. tags are also added to help Google understand the names and descriptions of the items.

Online Marketing Features

Online Marketing

Multiple Domain Names

Tracking multiple domain names for your website is perhaps the most underutilized marketing feature of the internet age. Assign multiple domain names to your website and track them through GlitterPaw without worrying about duplicate content. This feature is great for tracking offline marketing.


Generate more interest in your website by hosting social media sharing contests, voting contests, or roulette wheel games. Participates are encouraged to share their contest entry to get others to visit your website, vote, and share again. Great for generating local interest and outreach.

QR Codes

Your own QR Code generator that can be used for many purposes. Individual QR codes can be created for product marketing, for invoicing, and even for tickets that you sell for events you are hosting. Scan tickets at the event to see who attends, and customers can scan QR codes and get direct product information.

UTM Builder

Adding UTM tracking codes to the URLs you share to social media is a great way to track usage in Google Analytics. With the built in UTM builder you can have URLs generated for you to make your social media sharing efforts a little easier.


No need to rely on or any more when you can register your own short domain name and use it within your own shortcode builder. Best of all, you can crate vanity shortcodes that can be reused in the future by changing the URL destination.

Social Media Buttons

Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are built right into the software and can be turned on at any time. You cal also add any additional social media sharing code to the website to appear site-wide or on individual pages.


Getting reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook are great, but why not get them on your own website as well? The Testimonials Module allows customers to leave a star rating and a written review. Every testimonial is tagged with and counts towards your overall website review rating.

Verify Ownership

Many social media networks require you to demonstrate ownership of your website by adding a custom JavaScript or a verification code to the home page or to all pages of your website. This is easy to do on your own without intervention from a programmer.

A/B Testing

Want to get the most out of your website? You can use Google Optimize to set up an A/B Test or Multivariate Test. The control scripts provided by Google are easy to insert on any page of your website.

User Account Features

User Accounts

Member Only Content

You can establish an unlimited number of membership levels for users of your site. Entire pages of your site can only be visible by designated member levels. You can also hide portions of pages of your site based on member levels as a way to incentivize people to log in or register to read more.

Wish Lists

Those with a user account can add items from the product catalog to their wish list. Wish lists can be viewed online, printed in the store, or emailed to someone special.

Bridal Registry

Using this bridal registry feature a registered couple can maintain their own landing page on your site with their wedding details, photos, and the items from your catalog that they are interested in.

Purchase History

Everyone who makes a purchase on the website, or in the store if the POS is active, can view their entire purchase history online. Even those checking out as a guest will have an account created for them so they can review their purchase history in perpetuity.

Special Dates

Customers can enter their birthdays and anniversaries. You can run reports on everyone with special dates for your email or offline marketing.

Customer Surveys

No need to use a 3rd party survey app when you have the feature built right into your website. You can create any number of questions and report on all the answers.


Customers making payments towards a major purchase can see the status of their payments online. They can view all the details and the photo you've entered, and even make payments towards the purchase.

Follow-up Emails

After an online or in-store purchase is made, a follow-up email is sent to the customer asking them write a review for the item they bought as well as a testimonial for your brand.

Features Allowing You To Monetize Your Website

Monetize Your Website

Banner Ad Module

Sell banners throughout your website. Don't have banners of your own to sell? Simply pop in the Google AdSense code instead. Your own banner ads will always override AdSense ads. Built-in impression and click through reporting for all ads.

Sponsored Content

Have a popular website that you want others to be a part of? Offer "advitorials" (paid editorial content) that can appear for a short amount of time or as a paid evergreen spot on your site. There's an entire module to manage this sponsored editorial content.

Classified Ads

Offer your customers or business partners the opportunity to display classified ads on your website. You can even list your own classified ads as part of a marketing strategy.

Store Directory

Are you a member organization that needs to display all the locations of your members? Are you a jewelry designer or jewelry manufacturer with a list of retail stores where people can find your product? This store directory feature allows you to list and promote local stores. Zip code search is built in as well as a way to generate door clings or window signs to indicate membership.