POS and Website Hardware

As a website company, we usually handle all of the hosting requirements. The GlitterPaw Software runs on CentOS 7 with a licensed copy of the WebDNA programming language.

We maintain a shared hosting environment for all the jewelry websites we design.

Our POS clients have a choice to have a dedicated cloud server that runs their website and POS, or we can order a CentOS server for you and have it set up in your store. With an in-store server you have the choice to run your website and POS from that server, or host the website in the cloud with a direct connection to the POS server.

We do not offer hardware support for the equipment you have in your store. You will need to hire a local IT company that can replace hardware for a CentOS server.

In the long run, you will have fewer headaches if you let us set up a dedicated server for your jewelry store POS and websites in the cloud instead of maintaining one on your own in the store.