Paving The Way For Ecommerce Jewelry Websites

icon of a shopping cartHaving a jewelry ecommerce website isn't just some far fetched idea any more. Once upon a time the term ecommerce referred to selling your products online, but today it has evolved into so much more.

Everything you do with your website and on social media is now related to the jewelry and services you sell. Your entire digital footprint is the new electronic way to attract customer attention to your method of commerce, whether that's selling jewelry online or in your retail jewelry store.

Our mission is to help you seamlessly merge how you run your retail location with how you present yourself online; this includes your simple content to your online product catalog, to your social media activity.

It's time to stand out

Too many ecommerce retails are using the same color pallets to trying to follow the idea that a jewelry website design should be some clean design with simple features. But those simple features don't help consumers on their buying journey and often make them feel dissatisfied. There's a great editorial on the JCK website explaining how it's bad for jewelry retail websites to look the same.

We understand the desire to take the easy way out and just copy the jewelry web design strategies that all your friends are doing.

We want you to break the website mold that has been established by other members of buying groups like IJO, RJO, CBG, and Jewelers Helping Jewelers.

Website aesthetic trends change every year, and many of those trends look great but get in the way of your customer journey. We take a cautious approach to the latest design aesthetics and compare what's new to our years of experience, after all, we want your website to bring you more business, not turn it away.

Make it part of your daily routine

We're big believers in routine maintenance to your website and updating your inventory daily. We don't want to hear the excuse that "it takes too much time" because we'll easily show you all the jewelers who thrive because they maintain their website. These are the same jewelers who are taking your business from you.

When was the last time one of your friends or family said "oh I ran over to the store because something was in stock"? They only knew it was in stock because they looked at a website. If you want to survive in the local game as a retail store or a pop-up shop, you will need a jewelry website designed for easy management of your actual inventory rather than something that take 7 to 10 days to be available.

Don't be a copycat just because a website seems to work for someone else. If you truly want to stand out in this saturated marketplace then you need to take a leap and stand out.