What is a jewelry website template/theme?

Before we dive in we should tell you that "themes" and "templates" are the same thing and we use them interchangeably depending on who we are speaking to. We actually prefer the term "theme" because it doesn't carry the stigma of being a "cookie cutter" website.

In technical terms, our website themes are actually frameworks in which you organize all your content.

In non technical jewelry terms...
When you make an engagement ring from scratch you start with a sketch, raw metal, a casting mold, and a bunch of stones. How you put it together depends on your experience, vision, type of metal, and the quality of the stones.

Better metal and stones can make any setting style look amazing.

Example website design framework concept with final website

Now consider...

Our Glitterpaw Platform is the metal we build your jewelry website with, and the theme is the style of the mounting. The final look of the jewelry website design will only be as good as the stones and the finishing touches you give us, such as, all the photos and written content.

You can take any prebuilt jewelry website design theme and do almost anything with it. The style of the header and the footer are technically the only real differences between the themes.

This framework:
Website framework sample


This final website:Website theme filled in

Choosing your own jewelry web design theme

Pay close attention to the differences in the headers and footers of each of the website framework examples you see below. The same functionality can be inserted into the main body content area of any of them, although some website features do flow better in specific themes.

Alante Theme

Website Theme Framework Diagram
Large stackable image on the homepage. Smooth, simple navigation.

View the Alante Theme

Artemis Theme

Website Theme Framework Diagram
Direct and uncomplicated. Easy multipurpose use by any jewelry brand.

View the Artemis Theme

Beloved Theme

Website Theme Framework Diagram
Soft and clean design. Lightweight look while maintaining flexibility.

View the Beloved Theme

Esben Theme

Website Theme Framework Diagram
Top heavy navigation. Wide look. Advanced Feature to change background on every page.

View the Esben Theme

Freesia Theme

Website Theme Framework Diagram
Very clean design everyone talks about. Full features without any framed boxes.

View the Freesia Theme

Heart Theme

Website Theme Framework Diagram
This soft, sweet design provides a rich and creamy experience for your clients.

View the Heart Theme

Jasper Theme

Website Theme Framework Diagram
A strong and bold design that allows you emphasize the highlights of your store.

View the Jasper Theme

Joy Theme

Website Theme Framework Diagram
Friendly and modern. Overlay effect on the top menu. Full feature interior pages.

View the Joy Theme

Kale Theme

Website Theme Framework Diagram
Incredibly flexible design. Strong, effective navigation menu. Great for beautiful content.

View the Kale Theme

Rune Theme

Website Theme Framework Diagram
This design may seem basic, but its straightforwardness cannot be denied. Fancy top menu.

View the Rune Theme