Do you need a custom jewelry website design?

There are so many standard features and popular jewelry website design layouts built into the GlitterPaw Website Software that it's hard for some to imagine a need for a custom jewelry website.

But here are a few reasons you might want a custom website:

  • You have a clear vision for your header and footer

  • You'd like a custom smartphone jewelry web design instead of the standard one we offer

  • You'd like a custom tablet website design instead of the built-in one

  • You need a specialized home page that is extremely different than the rest of your site.

  • You need specialized landing pages somewhere inside your site.

Expected Custom Website Fees

The following additional customizations can be added to any of our GlitterPaw jewelry web design service plans.

Custom Header, Footer, and Home$4,800
Custom Landing Page$500 each
Custom Page Layout$500 each

Custom Jewelry Website Design Process

As experts in website for jewelry brands, we already understand a lot of what you might be thinking and what your long term website goals are. Even with our years of experience we still follow the process below to give every customer the time and attention to detail for their specific needs.

icon of a desk telephone
Launch Call
Once you sign up, we'll get your project started with a telephone call where we explain the whole customization process. We well explain what we need from you and what you can expect from us.

Icon of pencil and paper
Understanding Your Goals
Once we've explained the steps in our design process, the rest of our initial launch call will be dedicated to understanding your goals. We're going to need to know about your previous, existing, and planned marketing in order to customize website elements to match them. We'll also go over your previous website and online efforts and use that review to map out the goals of the new website.

icon of pens in a cup
Design Phase
During the design phase we will review what you like about other website designs and how to build a custom design to fit with your brand identity. We will create mockups of the framework and color scheme before loading in any real content. We will review website flow and unique features that you requested in the launch call.

Icon of a desktop computer
Convert Design
Once you approved the design, we will convert it into a working website. The converted site will use sample content as placeholders as all the pages of the site are built out and reviewed together to ensure the working site matches the mockup designs.

Icon of a pencil and drawing square
Content and Functionality
Once all the pages are created we will convert any relevant content from your previous site into the new design. If you are adding new content to the site we will insert that content into the site to ensure it works properly in the custom design. During this phase we will also work with you to gather the right photography for your site and load in your initial set of products.

Icon of a computer screen
Final Review and Go Live
Once the first set of content is loaded and tested by our team, we will do a final walkthrough of our website with you to ensure all the goals mentioned in the launch call were achieved in the design. Once approved, we will review your initial SEO settings and make sure all your previous settings were carried forward, or improved upon.

Every jewelry brand is unique.
Let us help you connect with your customers while also getting you ready for the future of ecommerce.

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